Mercury emissions from the Indonesian coal fleet – An opportunity for stakeholder engagement and a call for project proposals

New Emission reduction policy in Indonesia

The IEACCC has recently completed Phase 1 of a State Department funded project aimed at reducing the emissions of mercury from the coal sector in Indonesia. An evaluation of the entire Indonesian coal utility fleet, on a unit-by-unit basis, has indicated that there are fewer than 15 units (out of over 100) which could be responsible for almost 50% of the total mercury emissions from the existing fleet over their remaining plant lifetime. This offers a significant opportunity for a targeted mercury reduction strategy.

Three plants have been identified for closer analysis during Phase 2 of the project with the aim being to collate a catalogue of mercury reduction techniques, technologies, strategies and policies which will inform the official Indonesian national action plan for compliance with the Minamata Convention.

This three day, on-line event will provide a summary of the project work so far, highlighting how data were gathered and analysed. Information will be provided on the three plants selected for closer study. Delegates will then receive guidance on how they can submit proposals for mercury reduction strategies to be considered for submission to the Indonesian Government. Phase 3 of the project will endeavour to locate funding and impetus to move some of these mercury reduction proposals into practice.

Indonesia has until September 2027 to “control and, where feasible, reduce” mercury emissions from their coal utility fleet. With 28GW of coal capacity in operation, the majority of which is fitted only with ESP, and an additional 25 GW of coal plant planned for the next decade, the challenge to reduce mercury emissions in significant. We therefore welcome stakeholder engagement from the mercury community to help us create a catalogue of options for the Indonesian coal sector which will deliver significant mercury reduction in a cost-effective and reproducible manner.

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