Annual workshop MEC 14

MEC 14, our annual workshop focusing on mercury and multi-pollutant emissions from coal combustion, will be held in Hanoi October this year, with support from VEA – the Vietnamese Environment Administration.

This meeting will also act as the annual meeting of the UN Environment Coal Partnership.

This workshop will pull together international experts on reducing emissions, including particulates, SO2, NOx and mercury, from coal-fired utilities and offers an excellent opportunity to mix with government agencies, regulators, utilities, consultants, equipment suppliers and academia.

International agreements such as the Minamata Convention along with tightening regional and national emissions limits, mean that coal-fired power plants are having to reduce their emissions more effectively than ever before. And while some regions may be moving away from coal as an energy source, SE Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are still increasing their investment in coal power. There will therefore be a whole new market region for control strategies emerging in the coming years.


Topics addressed:

  • State of the art emissions control
  • Monitoring emissions at low concentrations
  • Promoting cleaner coal systems in emerging regions
  • Options for coal cleaning along the entire coal chain, from mining to emissions


UN Environment Meeting 

The Asia-Pacific regional workshop on the reduction of mercury emission from coal combustion, Hanoi, Vietnam, 31 October  –  1 November 2019, is taking place immediately following MEC 14.

UN Environment is holding a workshop on mercury emissions from coal combustion for Asia-Pacific focal point delegates of the Minamata Convention. This meeting will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam, immediately following the MEC 14 workshop at a nearby venue at the Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment.

The UN meeting is free to attend once you have received an invitation and is primarily for government officials and related experts in Vietnam, China, Mongolia and Sri Lanka. The deadline for this has now passed.

MEC-14-Hanoi- image


Cost for registration for the full event, including breaks, lunches and the workshop dinner, is US$ 650.

There is no discount for speakers – this event is run at cost and any profit made will be used to facilitate the attendance of UN Coal Partnership delegates from emerging economies.